Penelope and The Christmas Spirit Ron D. Voigts



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Penelope and The Christmas Spirit  by  Ron D. Voigts

Penelope and The Christmas Spirit by Ron D. Voigts
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Never having experienced Christmas, twelve-year-old Penelope finally gets her wish when her parents decide to celebrate it as part of her home-schooling education. Traditions become murky as her parents improvise curious ways to observe the holiday.To make things weirder, a moving van arrives at the old Compton house down the road and delivers a fully decorated Christmas tree, an arm chair and a lamp, and nothing else.

Penelope sets out to discover who lives in the old house and why they only own those three items.As the holidays progress she gets a unique experience that she will remember for a lifetime.This short story is the prequel to PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE and is sure to delight children and adults alike.

After reading this, Christmas will never be the same.

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